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Has your heart been shaken by the episodes of military movies? Did you laugh at the funny scenarios in the movie “Miss Staff Sergeant”? … Maybe you ever looked forward to military life or had the dream of being valiant and full of courage, but hesitated due to unfamiliarity. Are you expecting to be a soldier but afraid of being hurt?

Founded at January 1st, 1999, we introduce you the character of “soldier” and exhibit in front of you the latest and most factual aspects of National Armed Forces! We are confident to demonstrate a brand new yet excellent face of National Armed Forces!

To provide students and parents the information of recruiting squads, we establish regional recruitment centers at northern, central and southern Taiwan. We will continue to set up service stations and contact points to let everyone get information required!

Do you want to know the recruiting information from squads such as Warrant Reserve Officers class, Regular Flight Officer class, Professional Officers of Military Intelligence Bureau class, two-year college in Air Force Institute of Technology, Professional Volunteer Soldiers, Regular Classes of Military Schools and Chung Cheng Armed Forces Preparatory School? Previously they may be far from reach, but now they are collected by “Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces” and wait for your consultant and choices.

You can receive complete recruiting information by visiting a recruitment organization. We believe that joining National Armed Forces can eliminate your worries, enrich your life and realize your dreams! Let us help you have your dream come true! Please contact us via recruitment organizations close to you!

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