Security Policy

Security Policy

Security Policy

According to “Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Act,” we establish the following security policy for “The Website for Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces, Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.” (This website for short) to illustrate our actions for information security.

  1. Scope and Connection to Other Websites:
    The following security policy covers the collection, use and protection of your personal data WITHIN this website. However, this policy is not applicable to other websites connected from the hyperlinks in this website. When you are connected to other websites via links or hyperlinks, the security policies of the CONNECTED sites are applicable.
  2. Actions and Regulations:
    Any unauthorized uploads or attempts to modify the services provided by the center are strictly forbidden and may violate laws. To ensure the website security and service availability for all internet users, we offer the following protections:

    We cannot ensure for 100% the security of transferring information on the internet. We will try very hard to protect this website and the security of your personal data, and we will utilize protocols of SSL to protect the security of transferring information under some circumstances. Since the transferring process involves your network environment, we cannot ensure the security of information between you and this website. Please tolerate us for this result, which is beyond the control of this website.

    1. We monitor network flow rates with an invasion detection system to locate unauthorized attempts of upload, modification and destruction to this website.
    2. We facilitate firewalls to prevent illegal invasions, destructions and data stealing. Your rights are, therefore, safeguarded by avoiding illegal uses of this website.
    3. We install anti-virus software and scan for viruses periodically to provide users a safer browsing environment.
    4. Scan for weakness periodically and offer suitable defense actions for security.
    5. Backup data on daily base to backup servers.
    6. We receive all related e-mail notifications for information security automatically from related OS vendors and application vendors. We then install appropriate patches based on the suggestion in the e-mails
    7. To fulfill the purpose of ensuring security, the security policy of this website will be modified due to the rapid development of technology, the related regulations and the unforeseen environmental changes. When the security policy is changed, we will notify you in this website immediately in an eye-catching way.
    8. Please contact us via ways shown in this website if you have any doubt or opinion to the above clauses.

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